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We are building the future of mobility.
In a sustainable way, with modern tools and good practices.

Our goal is to create real world value every day.
And to have fun while doing it.

Stefan Portrait

I am proud to be a member of ioki and the great product team since the beginning in March 2017. It's a fantastic feeling to look back at what we built from the ground up in the first few years of the company.

Ravi Portrait

When you mix open culture, green practices and awesome people you get something like ioki. As an iokian you are encouraged to take risks and do what you do best to develop cool solutions which directly impact our society.

Jana Portrait

What I like the most about ioki are the people and the culture (besides the great product)! Everybody is so open-minded, friendly, supportive when needed and we can just laugh together. The spirit is unique and I really appreciate that we foster this culture.

Stefan Portrait

I like working at ioki because I get the freedom I need to let my creativity fly and to give my best every single day.

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GeoMob Podcast 🇬🇧

ioki digital mobility explained with Christian Bäuerlein, CTO.

GeoMob Podcast

IT@DB – IT Experts Podcast 🇩🇪

Demand-responsive transport at ioki with Christian Bäuerlein, CTO and Michael Wurm, Director Mobility Analytics.

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Open Source @ ioki

We love sharing our work! You can find ioki's Open Source projects of us at our public GitHub organization.

Right now, we have published 25 Open Source projects written in Ruby, Kotlin, Go, TypeScript, and Python amongst others.

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